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About Tahki Stacy Charles

Tahki Stacy Charles can trace its roots as far back as 1968, when the founder of Tahki Yarns, Diane Friedman, began importing the beloved Tahki Yarns Donegal Tweed from a mill in County Donegal in Ireland. Meanwhile, Stacy Charles, having essentially grown up in the yarn industry, was inspired to start his own company called Stacy Charles Fine Yarns, which was fueled by his love of European fashion and knitting. In 1999, these two industry leaders joined forces to form the now well-known brand, Tahki Stacy Charles. 

Tahki Stacy Charles now has a portfolio of three distinct brands, including Tahki Yarns, Stacy Charles Fine Yarns, and Sesia Yarns.

 Tahki Yarns is known for modern, casual designs in yarns with extensive color palettes made from natural fibers. 

Stacy Charles Fine Yarns is a fashion-forward brand that features sophisticated designs made from yarns spun with a touch sparkle and luxury fibers that feature rich color and texture. 

The Sesia yarn line is exclusively imported by Tahki Stacy Charles from the world-class, sustainably-operated Sesia mill in Italy. "The best raw materials become precious and innovative yarns to make all our collections a journey into beauty," is Sesia's mission statement.


Our Best Selling & Featured Products

 We have just released our latest yarn and design collections for the Spring/Summer 2022 seasons.

 Tahki Yarns has released a collection called Cascades, which features 3 patterns in the new yarn Tahki Yarns Whidbey, as well as 15 patterns in the continuing lines Classic Superwash, Coronado, Cotton Classic, Cotton Classic Twist, Hatteras, Newport, Tandem, and Tiburon.

 Stacy Charles Fine Yarns and Sesia has released a collection called Madison park, which features 3 designs in the new Sesia Batik, 2 designs in the new Sesia Flora Pailletes, and 3 designs in the new Stacy Charles Fine Yarns Gina. It also features designs in continuing lines Amelia, Gemma, Bio Bimbo, Elegant, & Windsurf Lux.

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