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Noro Yarns was founded in 1980 in Ichinomiya-shi, in the Aichi-iken Prefecture Japan. All animal fibers used to create Noro yarns come from certified organic farms, including producers in Australia, the Falkland Islands and South Africa — the best the world has to offer. Mr. Noro himself maintains the integrity of the production process, visiting farms, checking the type of equipment used to spin the fiber and monitoring the dyeing process. 

Noro ‘s most prominent qualities is in its handspun, loosely processed quality. This is an essential part of Noro’s vision of creating yarns that remain true to their natural heritage. Processing is kept to a minimum and lack of the use of harsh chemicals are crucial to the vision. Noro reduces the damage done to fibers and to the environment by keeping processing short and not over processing the fibers..


Our Best Selling & Featured Products

 Kureyon, which is crayon in Japanese, has been around since the beginning and continues to be a best seller.
Silk Garden, soon followed and continues to be a year-round favorite. Silk Garden also spawned Silk Garden
Sock, Silk Garden Solo, Silk Garden Sock Solo, Silk Garden Lite.
Ito at 437 yards in a beautiful large ball.
Haunui, all produced in the natural undyed colors of the sheep.
Sonata, Kakigori, Akari, Geshi, Tsubame are all variations of silk, cotton, polyamide.

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