Compatto Yarn Salon - 6th Year in the LA Yarn Crawl April 14, 2018 19:08

Located at: 2112 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica 90403


“Compatto is Italian for “close-knit,” which is exactly the kind of community we’ve created.” 

As a young girl, Bonnie - the owner of Compatto Yarn Salon, was taught to knit by her mother.  She fell in love with it and has been teaching and inspiring others ever since. She shares her passion with anyone who walks into her store.

Warm and welcoming atmosphere: comfy couches and chairs, tea, coffee, and snacks. A great meeting place for other fiber enthusiasts.

“Nicest people ever that work there and they have a great selection + couch to sit and knit and meet people.”  Suze S., Pacific Palisades, CA